Latest News- Later

I have been absent a bit. This is because I have discovered the magic that is melatonin. I was sick for about ten days from lack of sleep and out of desperation I purchased a painkiller PM (who I will not name because I am sensitive to meds and probably this one is fine for everyone else) and melatonin. The painkiller PM I can feel pulling me down into sleep(I hate the sensation of drugs, it makes me panic, which frustrated my OB/GYN no end-yay natural birth), but the melatonin hits me right and lets me fall asleep and sleep most of the night and go back to sleep easily if I wake. It feels like a luxury. I had only been getting a full night´s sleep for less than a year (because of Middle Son waking) when Middle Son´s nightmares started up again. About a witch this time, and it just snowballed and the nightmares got worse and my sleep got worse and then I just couldn´t sleep anymore. So for over a week now, melatonin and a break in the nightmares has made sleep possible. I have been loving it.

So I am retraining my sleep. I hope to post something of substance soon.


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5 responses to “Latest News- Later

  1. Run with it!!!
    (Or actually, more along the line of “crash” with it!!!!)
    Sweetest of long overdue sweet dreams to you, my sister. XX

  2. melatonin is really good. be mindful to give it a small break (maybe a few days) after using it for about a month though~

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