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Improvements with 123 Magic

The pediatrician recommended I switch the kids to 123 Magic. Parents of other children with ODD recommended 123 Magic, nearly in consensus. I was given the book by one of our therapists and the kids have been parented with it for a month. Some other things changed in that time, as well. The oldest started Kindergarten, the youngest boy started PTSD treatment and moved to the big kid room at daycare. The baby started potty training in earnest and got her big girl underclothes. Overall, I would say 123 Magic has helped me the most. I can’t lecture the kids anymore. Instead, if I am losing my ability to keep my mouth shut, I change the environment. Yesterday I walked out of the store without buying groceries because sitting with your kid in time out after time out in public is maddening. Better I leave than I blow my cool for hours. We will try again another day. I understand the store is overstimulating for small children with issues, but I have limits. Patience is a virtue, but being perpetually patient means nothing at all if you can’t get anything done. The kids can live without milk for a day or two. Keeping my mouth shut also means that I use more English and never revert into yelling things in foreign languages. I still have to translate “I don’t know” into English on a conscious level, but the rest of it is mostly a stress reaction. So there is probably less triggering all around. My middle child who was having so much trouble being good is doing much better. In addition to the aforementioned changes, he is also motivated by his new Wii (thanks, Auntie!).

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