About the I

I am a single mom, working full time, recovering from trauma, raising children who are traumatized and getting better. I often have culture shock and a sick dependence on caffeine. I forget things, frequently.

I feel alone. With kids. It’s exhausting. It’s intoxicating. It is unimaginable.

I have to kick free and keep moving forward.

I have to kick myself and get going.

I have to get some more coffee.

23 responses to “About the I

  1. TBH

    writing helps. live fuller and less vulnerable. peace

  2. I completely understand you and feel for you my dear. I have two boys and a husband and feel utterly alone. I have a daycare at my house so on a normal day I have eight kids at my house, always noisy, always chaotic. I get pulled in so many directions I feel like my only purpose is to serve others. I am exhausted. Know that you are not alone. Keep writing it does help to get the frustration out. Plus there are others out there that spur you on. Have a great day and try drinking tea. Ha

  3. I just wanted you know that you’re not alone and I’m sorry that you’ve been there.

  4. Hey there! Just tuned in and gave you a follow. Visit me if you’d like over at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com and escape to my fun world! thanks and have a great day 🙂

  5. I nominated you for the one lovely blog award, you can check it out here http://mommyx4boys.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/one-lovely-blog-award/

    • Aww… so sweet of you to nominate me! I thank you, so much. I am, though, award free, because of time conflicts. I am so glad to see you get an award, you deserve it! I would have more babies, too, but I haven’t time, so I just swoon over the babies of others. They make me tear up, seriously, I make a fool of myself. Ahhh, babies. Sigh.

      • No worries, i just wanted you to know i appreciate you, and hopefully others will click on your link and you will gain some new followers. 🙂

  6. betternotbroken

    Your story is familiar! I wish healthy and happy horizons for you and your children as you continue to heal!

  7. You are my tip of the hat this week! Hang in there, Mom. You got this! 🙂 http://threehandsoneheart.com/2015/07/28/tuesday-tip-of-the-hat-7/

  8. You’re smart, a good writer, and a good mother. Keep writing, and read aloud great book to your kids! Makes a gigantic difference (I know). Glad I found your blog.

  9. This field was intentionally left blank

    Wow. <3. You are an incredibly strong woman. Whatever you do, keep going. Be sure to take care of You. 🙂

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