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Pandemic Blog post 1

We have been on complete lockdown since Thursday, 3 days, at my insistence. In two more days I will make a run to a store, hopefully they can place everything in my car.
School has been a home affair for one week. I kept the structure up so that it wouldn’t be a shock after a two week absence (they had spring break prior).
They were irritated the first day and I was very stressed. I backed off for a day and let them guide their own learning, only enforcing the scheduling. I decided I am not a teacher, I just have to survive so that someone is here to raise them. Their teachers can teach them remotely, and I can back them up.
If I get sick they would go into foster care, and if I got sick, I have no idea what quarantine would look like for them.
Today Italy lost eight hundred people.
Today my son stole rations and ate more than his share, despite there being food enough for everyone.
Today the same son (middle child) also was disobedient and disrespectful. To be fair, so was his baby sister.
I laid down the rules earlier this week. I was firm.
Tonight I pulled him into my room and forced him to face what he had done, no blaming anyone else, no claims that other children aren’t called to account. Each time today he was in the wrong I forced him to stand up and have a dialogue with me.
I suppose his teachers have to let it slide, with so many students, he assured me he doesn’t do this at school. Not sure why he does with me, then.
I went over the same with his sister after. She had heard, she gave me no trouble.
I can’t let anything slide now, it’s still just me.
None of what I am doing now is unfamiliar to me, I lived w rationing and isolation under their father’s care. I am perfectly suited for this lifestyle. I spent three days in blissful gratitude for my life experience and trauma, buying the staples I remember from 8 years ago. Then I isolated us.
Now everyone is living my former life. Hope you all are safe.

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