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Cabin Fever

One of the directives from the psychologist are to make sure my active child gets plenty of exercise. Hard to do in zero degree weather. The closest indoor play area is a half hour drive away, if you do not count McDonalds. No one wants to count McDonalds. Each of the past two weekends I have driven the children to this indoor park and paid two hour’s wages so that they could run and climb and jump and scream for an hour.

It helps, but I cannot do it every single weekend day. Everything I do is in triplicate, therefore usually cost prohibitive. On the days we go, my son finds good behaviour easier to dredge up from the depths of aggression and defiance. This weekend, and last, he was also good on the days that we did not go, being Sunday. Maybe the stress tabs are working. I stopped the caffeine. I did it for a week and did not see a benefit. A week is all I can withstand of a caffeinated hyperactive child. The daycare reports less physical aggression, but more verbal defiance. I will take it, and give thanks. 

I bought a Yoga video, again on the psychologist’s recommendation. I think I should stick to YouTube, because Yoga, after the first time or two, is boring for children. If I was living on the first floor, I would have them doing all sorts of floor gymnastics, and would not need any video at all. But alas. I am upstairs with a neighbor or two who complains about the thumps and bumps of small children with energy to burn. 

I have been viewing the coming cold with dread. The past few weeks give hope. 



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