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Nebulizers and Fear

My son has a persistent cough. This kid is capable of springing lung infections in minutes, so I am understandably stressed. I got home with him nearly four hours ago. I sat him on his nebulizer immediately, after a dose of Mucinex. No dice, but I had prepared for that. I had put his brother in the bathtub at the same time, to steam up and warm up the bathroom a bit. When the nebulizer failed to calm his cough I put him in the shower, having taken his brother out already. It took another half hour, but the coughing did stop.
He was good for a few hours, got a bit hyper. That was albuterol. Tried to get him to bed. He tried to sleep, kept coughing. I had to wait for the four hour mark to put him back on the machine. I put him on it, in bed, as soon as the time came. I had already propped him into a sit, and he was very cooperative.
I have been wound up tight since I heard that cough this afternoon. I spent the intervals between checking on him picking up the kid clutter in the house to distract myself and still be productive. I have not been a pleasant mommy this evening. When I worry I get distracted and I get so focused that I don’t want to talk or play. I am sorry for the other kids, but they get the same thorough nursing when they are sick.
I waited a few minutes after the medicine was gone, and then hit him with children’s cough syrup when he was too tired to protest. He hates that stuff.
Now he is coughing slower, wetter, and it sounds like drainage. What is left for me to do? Well, I have to steam up the bathroom again and haul him in there, all tired and floppy, and force him to sit up on hard surfaces close to the bath while the shower runs. For at least fifteen and more would be better.
Here I go. Tomorrow is the doctor, I am sure.


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