Three Kids

I picked up my Oldest Son from daycare today, the sides of his glasses taped up. They had broken, he said, and he insisted he was not messing with them. I hope he doesn’t break another pair, this is his second in a month and the new ones will be ready next week. Later as we are walking home I lean down and I tell him “I think you were messing with your glasses, else how did they break on both sides?” He looks at me and says “Oh no, Mommy, I taped the other side JUST IN CASE!” What can I say to that?

Last night my Middle Child came into my bedroom late, well after he had been put to bed. I started to scold him, reminding him he was already in trouble for sneaking down to use the Xbox a few nights before instead of sleeping, when he pulled his hand away from his face, covered in blood. I got up quick and I went to him and he smiled at me with a gap in his mouth “I lost a tooth, Mom!” So I had him wash with cold water and scolded him with humor for pulling the teeth from his mouth instead of sleeping.

Today the neighbor asked my Youngest Child if she wanted to play with her toddler son and she looked at the ground and said very softly “I am grounded.” The neighbor asks her why she is grounded and she becomes embarrassed and tells her to ask her mom (me). Later the neighbor asks and I have to explain that my daughter a few days ago stole another neighbor’s toddler and brought her up to her room during dinner. They hatched a plan to hide her in her room so they could play after bedtime. The mother of this little girl was on the phone with 911 when I found the child.

Never a dull week, day, hour. Never.

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