The Neurologist

So we met with the neurologist finally to get the results of the 24 hour EEG. The meeting was first cancelled by him, then by myself, and finally it came time. I find out someone was supposed to call me before now with results. Oops.

I was expecting something. I was shown the chart of his brainwaves under observation. A few seconds of normal activity and then the whole thing gets shaken up like there is an electrical storm in there- in every area of the brain. Sometimes for one second, sometimes for a dozen. Sometimes spaced out, sometimes quite frequently. Basically all the time, and random. Hardly a peaceful minute.

So I tell the doctor “No wonder he can’t remember anything!” and the doctor tells me we don’t know how this affects him. We don’t know if it affects his memory or his functioning, as there is no noticeable manifestation of these abnormalities in his person. He does not stare off into space, like absent seizures would cause him to do. He does not lose language or twitch or anything at all.

He does not show any evidence of these results. They don’t know what it is. They don’t know how it might bother him. They wanted to do a trial of a medication. They offered me three options: to wait and see, to medicate, or to refer me to specialists.

I was thinking “Aren’t you a specialist?” Apparently not. I guess the specialists have specialists.

More tests are coming, I suppose. I am going to call the service dog people next week and see where we are in placement on the list. I don’t need to mention anything about seizures, though, so there is no last minute twist on what sort of dog we require, which is a relief. We will have to drive into the city for these tests. I didn’t want to choose more tests, but I don’t know what else to do. The tests are inconvenient, but they don’t hurt him. Can these specialists tell me what is going on, or will they just mine their own data and tell me the same thing again? Was I referred because the specialists CAN help or because the clinic I was seen at CANNOT help?

I need to read more on autism and seizure disorders. At least now I won’t worry anymore about my son sleeping with his eyes open and jerking his limbs around so much.

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