More Neurological Testing

So we did the EEG yesterday. It was hard for Oldest Son to sit still, as expected. The technician told me we would not be back, this test would be a one shot deal, and I assumed (don´t we all assume techs know the results of the tests as they observe them?) that the tech was saying she had observed nothing alarming.

So today I get a call saying that the doctor does not think my son´s neurology is responsible for his regressions but his EEG showed abnormal activity and we did not capture any seizure, so they want a 24 hour test and also an MRI with sedation.

I have never been away from my children for a night. I am going to have to be.

I arranged the sitter (eternal thanks to him) and I informed my boss and now I just have to coordinate another physical before the sedation.

The 24 hour test will be three weeks from now, the MRI in two, and I will have the results literally minutes after the 24 hour test is complete, before I even leave the site. I have never been so grateful to be out of California. I would never get appointments so readily there.





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3 responses to “More Neurological Testing

  1. Hugs and prayers…seziures are so scary

  2. I will be holding you and Oldest in my thoughts.

  3. Reclaiming

    Thinking of you and your family.

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