Regression Resolved

The regression in my Oldest Son is just about resolved. He is again able to take a bath mostly reliably and now he does remember to shut doors, even if a beat later. He still does not tie his shoes, but he was not doing that daily before. I have used a thin sewing elastic to permanently tie his shoes so that he can participate in gym with less chance of injury. Summer has again had a good effect on him, healing most of the damage.

Since the neurologist thinks his EEG this week will come out fine, then this has to be a psychological issue. Probably the stress of being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world (school).

I don´t know how to lessen his stress without lessening his chances of a more independent life. I can´t expect less of him, he needs to learn how to care for himself, so his home life cannot be the relaxing worry-free time I would want it to be. This morning I had to teach him how to take care of his armpits and so I taught him how to wash his own face for good measure, because if his chemistry is changing enough to give him body odor then he has to start taking conscious care of his skin. He is eight. I was hoping this would come two years from now- but when his upper lip got fuzzy a few months ago I knew it was going to be earlier than I wanted.

Luckily there are a few very big early puberty boys in his social group run by the psychologist, so I will be able to get advice from their parents when we attend.

Maybe when the service dog comes it will get easier. For him, if not for me. Please, for him.

He is no longer going to be viewed as a cute harmless little autistic boy in a few years. People are going to look at him with fear or unrealistic expectations due to his size and behaviours and I wish I could just make it all better. But you cannot hang a sign on your child and you cannot change the attitude of the general public. You have to just cling to hope that his immediate circle of acquaintances will yield some kind souls and a friend or two and pray he never has any trouble.



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