Neurology is Pending- Should Be Okay

We have an appointment for an EEG in a few weeks- just to rule it out. The preliminary exam was aced by Oldest Son. Most likely his yearly regressions are not neurological.

That means they could be psychological. I have to be patient and wait for the test, for the results, for the conversation with the psychologist. I am jumping the gun, in my head.

Already I am sorry for him. Infinitely sorry. If this is psychological, then my son is experiencing a breakdown on a yearly basis- probably from trying to maintain as an autistic child in a neurotypical world.

Children should not experience such stress. Leaving our past and forging our fun, safe, and healthy future was supposed to heal him, ease his life to such a point that he could enjoy it.

How can you teach a child to cope with such difficulties? I have to teach him to be resilient and I don´t want to. I just want to make the way smooth for him. I have to demand he do this and do that when I know damn well his brain doesn´t remember the sequence, probably cannot remember the sequence. I have to push him and pull him and keep on him and I hate it. He wants to relax after school. He wants to relax all the time, really, just like any of us. He deserves a break and I can´t give it to him without feeling like I am hampering his progress.

His neurology is different-even without seizures. No one is going to accommodate him. Nothing I do can change those two facts.

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