3 Years Take A Step Back

All my kids have slept with me as babies and toddlers. Oldest Son, by some miracle, took to his own bed at age two and never looked back. Middle Son insisted on sleeping with me until he was nearly six. My Youngest, like my Oldest Son, also was happy to have her own bed at age two. Not only did she sleep in it, but she slept THROUGH THE NIGHT – which was astonishing to me. She was the only one, for a few years, who did so.

However, she has been sleeping on my bedroom floor now for two weeks, with a sleeping bag, pillow, and now three stuffed animals who also have blankets and pillows.

She is doing this because she became interested in the Diary of Wimpy Kid series. She is a bit young to read independently, but she can sure put the DVDs in by herself, so she was watching it last month for  a little while each night before bed.

Until she got to the part about the cheese touch. That night she moved in with me.

Now she sleeps on my bedroom floor, and sometimes wakes and gets into bed with me so she can kick and toss around all night. I don´t like it, but she feels safer.

She believes I can protect her from the cheese touch.

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