Which of You Has Dementia?

My stepmother has been telling me for a year that my father is declining. He has become aggressive, argumentative, forgetful. She says. Every word out of his mouth she corrects, convinced he is being rude.

My father has never been diplomatic with me. I have always seen him as blunt and highly critical.

This past weekend I took my children to their house for fishing and lunch.

My daughter spent a lot of time playing with grandpa, getting tickled and squishing his face and laughing with him.

My stepmother sat and watched. She told me after a while that she was there because she watches my father around small children as he “gets accelerated”.

Later she tells me that he has become hyper aware of the female form, another neighbor has noticed it as well, and he keeps texting the association president (who is female). I ask her straight out then if she is worried about him being inappropriate with my daughter and she nods. I ask her if she has had any complaints of touching and she says no. She has had no complaints at all.

This is serious shit.

Now I don’t know which of them is losing it.


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4 responses to “Which of You Has Dementia?

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Argh. I’m sorry. I definitely do not have any answers … just sorry.

  2. Reclaiming

    Serious shit indeed. I think you have to look at what you know from your own history of your father. Is there anything that would make you doubt or have suspicions about him? Then consider how much dementia may be affecting him. He may no longer know what is appropriate. Then consider your step mom, is she making it up, exaggerating, or does she have serious cause for concern? Either way, you should not leave your kids alone with him. Supervised visits only.

    • I don’t leave my kids alone with my father since the day he smacked my four year old in the head. No worries! I have no suspicions on this particular front, other than those my stepmother has planted..

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