Social Worker Closes Our File

Two years ago I contacted the county and requested that a social worker be assigned to my autistic son so that I had full access to available resources and representation at IEPs.

We had the same worker until a few months ago, when our old worker was replaced by the woman who used to be my DV advocate when I first got into town. Which was nice.

Yesterday the new social worker called me to say that after review with her supervisor the county has decided to drop me from her caseload because I don´t seem to need any help.

She suggested PACER instead, if I ever had problems with the schools.

So that is one less support.




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3 responses to “Social Worker Closes Our File

  1. Reclaiming

    It seems she thinks you and your son are doing well enough that you don’t need her help anymore, which is actually a good thing. However, I know you would like every possible support available to you. The truth is that social services are so overloaded that she might have had to drop your son’s case because he is probably doing comparatively better than a lot of her other cases.

    • I think you are right. I know it is supposed to be good news, but she was a consistent positive presence in my son’s life. I just hate to lose a person or a service.

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