I Love My Neighbors

Today the most adorable little girl in town, a two year old with a halo of white blonde hair and a bright pink dress was running through our neighborhood carrying a replica of a machine gun and laughing her head off. Her bare feet were just winking in and out and she was the happiest kid ever. There was a button on the gun that made it go rat tat tat and she wouldn´t let any other kid try it. She kept it by yelling wordlessly at anyone who got close as she pointed it here and there and made it fire.
I turned to my neighbor and I pointed out this girl and I said ¨That right there is a local girl. This is exactly what girls are like round here.¨
My neighbor, female, who grew up here, watched her for a minute and then said to me ¨Oh yeah, when I was a kid I never had shoes on, either. Never. My dad used to yell at me.¨


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  1. I still like to go barefoot!

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