Children: Natural Hackers

At my son´s school they let them have ¨free time¨ on tablets. I assumed tablets maybe linked to a LAN and certainly with teacher approved apps. I never thought they were tablets hooked up to internet, unfiltered.

The teacher assured me there was a security filter over the internet gateway. The principal told me they did not know how my son bypassed their security and received results from typing the phrase ¨g boob¨ into YouTube.

All I know is that my oldest son is always coding, in the most primitive form, and my youngest son is merely watching videos of people playing videos. My seven year old is not a hacker. But he did it.

So they talked to him. They kept him in at recess. Which is actually pretty devastating to him, though it does not phase his brother.

I advised the school keep him off the tablets from now on, for liability´s sake. I suggested books instead. I gave him restrictions lasting six months regarding electronics. I told him he cannot go to a friend´s house for probably the same amount of time, as I cannot trust him to follow the rules I give him when he is outside the house. I advised his doctors of his indiscretion and then I forced him to attend a half hour class on female anatomy- taught by me. I also reminded him that he did NOT have permission from the women in the photos to view them, that whether they be in bathing suits or scanty dresses it is impolite to stare and he may not, without consent, ever. But that at a certain age, he may, with consent. Because doing so is damaging to his development – and illegal in this country.

Then I internally cursed the culture I live in, which has failings as all cultures do, but seems to be particularly handicapped regarding sexuality and the body.

His reactions? He was contrite with his teacher. He cried the morning he was due to see the principal and couldn´t eat. He tried to get out of attending class on anatomy and he begged me not to tell his doctor (child psychologist). But I explained to him that his curiosity was normal and I was relentless. I told him that if he finds breasts so attractive that he might be one of those who is attracted to girls more than boys. I told him this is normal, that he will have strong feelings about attraction all his life and it is like that for nearly everyone. I hope that taking the mystery and stigma out of the equation will make him less interested.



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6 responses to “Children: Natural Hackers

  1. Wow! I am shocked that the security at the school didn’t block that. As a matter of fact I remember this happening years ago at a school I was working at. Somehow kids do manage to bypass security features. Hope you have no more issues in this area.

  2. Reclaiming

    Is this the same son that you caught looking at porn previously? If it is a second offense then you should be concerned. Also, the fact that he risked doing it at school is worrying.

    But really kids are curious, and sometimes the more something is forbidden the more interesting it is.
    There is a great anatomy book by DK press that shows images of both male and female bodies in various forms such as bones, muscles, body organs, etc. I think also images such as those we used to see in National Geographic magazines from cultures where semi nudity is normal and functional for breast feeding may be appropriate to satisfy his curiosity.

    • He actually was not looking at porn, he was looking at women baring their chests in a sort of spring break video. To me it is porn, but maybe not to most. A friend of his showed him on his phone, and this is why he is not allowed to view his friend´s devices any longer. Yes, I am quite concerned. In my mind it looks like obsession. I did show him everything pertaining to breasts and also the spine, per his request, in a medical book on anatomy, and we did look at videos of how women in the Amazon feed baby monkeys that they have adopted, as well as how other mammals feed their young. So that was his class, this past weekend. Next weekend he will be offered more guided classes.

  3. They find a lot more than they should…hopefully, taking the mystery away will curb his interest. The next parent trick is to check history frequently (until he figures out how to erase it). I know where I work, the rules are strict about computer and server usage. They monitor everything, and can tell if someone searched for something versus an unexpected pop up.

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