Do You Think Visually?

I just want to know.

I think often in pictoral representations, like customized free form graphs.

Do you?


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10 responses to “Do You Think Visually?

  1. I definitely do not. My spatial memory is nil, my ability to manipulate shapes and figures in my head is zero, my memory and dreams are in black and white. I think in words and daydream in movie scenes, and remember best based on words or kinetics. Hopefully that answers your question!

  2. I think in words as well. I can’t make pictures of anything in my head. I can’t even imagine a character in a book. I wish I could though!

  3. I would say yes to this. I like to see things in pictures. I like to learn things with visuals. I have trouble following directions that are just in writing. I like someone to show me how to do something or I like youtube instruction.

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