I Was Wrong, Dead Wrong About Insurance

So I got a letter in the mail today. Two weeks from tomorrow I have to present my evidence at a hearing over my son´s medication. I don´t know what I have to argue. I have to argue that my son needs his meds? I have to argue that I am compliant in how the claims are submitted to insurance? I have to prove he really has a prescription?

I don´t understand what the fuss is. Two years ago a doctor prescribed this medicine for my son, and it put him on a cycle of sleepiness after each dose, so we switched him to the ER version. Clonidine ER. Now he is just normal all day. He gets tired after lunch, he is a natural napper, but this is not from his meds. He takes them in the morning. He has a normal life now, like other children. He is not trying to seriously injure anyone anymore.

So tomorrow I have to call the Legal Aid number on the back of the hearing notice and try to get a lawyer to care about my problem enough to go pro bono. I have to call all his doctors, as there are three who approve of him being on this medication, they all consulted each other- the child psychologist, the child psychiatrist, and his pediatrician. I suppose I need statements from them.

The hearing happens during my workday, of course. Maybe I have to push back his OT referral. I don´t know how I can arrange to double my appointments when I have to run around gathering evidence.

I know this must be routine for them, but it feels a major inconvenience to me. It is distressing. I wish they would just give me insurance coverage and be done with it. If they don´t want to cover the meds, just tell me. Don´t drag me around like this. I haven´t even seen his casefile. I don´t know how to get access to it, I don´t want to drive to the capital for it, I have to work, I am low income-that is how I got this insurance in the first place, why are they doing this to me? How can I work when I have to gather evidence frantically in two weeks like this? I have to view this casefile to see what the problem is, I don´t understand at all how a child can be prescribed a medication and the insurance can dispute it. What the hell are doctors for?



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