Reading Away The World

I am addicted to the written word more than to anything else. I can bear torture and malnutrition and all sorts of neglect if I have something to read.

Luckily I currently have nothing of that sort to bear, but I did get weary of reading parenting and special needs books and so I took off November and December and devoured some decent science fiction instead.

Now that I have Neurotribes by Steve Silberman I am back to reading for research purposes. However, the author writes like a novelist. So it doesn´t feel like work. I am a few hundred pages in, and I have (thank goodness) just finished the chapter on eugenics. I mean I am glad to be finished with it.

I read last week that ISIS was practicing this, that there had been a call to kill children in their territory who suffer from Down Syndrome. I have no idea if this was substantiated, I am currently cut off from my most reliable translation and verification source.

But there was one sentence in this book, about the killing program the Nazis instituted, where they eventually lowered their requirements to murdering even those children who were ¨annoying¨. Not just non verbal, or differently abled, or mentally unstable, or low IQ. Yes, they killed children of low IQ. But they dropped their standards to murder children who were annoying, which I translate to mean ¨Not behaving as adults expected them to.¨ Which describes pretty much every child at some point in their lives, and nearly every child who is living through a war and separated from their parents while being kept in a hospital full of murderous doctors. Fucking hell.

The contrast of reading the qualifications for ¨final medical assistance¨ or whatever it was called while watching my son run around on his toes and bash himself into the couch was really hard- not because there is much wrong with his behaviour but because those doctors would… you know what I mean. But just as hard as understanding that is thinking that this shit still happens. Because hundreds of thousands of children died and apparently the world did not learn that it was wrong.

Because people are still sympathetic to parents who murder their special needs kids. I have no idea why. This is what I read ISIS was doing last week. Why is it wrong if ISIS does it and okay if a caregiver does it? Why is it ¨understandable¨ in such a case? I don´t understand the horrors of Nazism or ISIS any more than I understand the barbarity of a parent murdering a child.

What qualifications did we as a society set for it to be okay? Kid needs care 24 hours a day? Kid cannot speak? Kid throws fits? Kid is annoying? Really, we are Nazis like that? Kids are not fit to live if…

Read. Learn. Be human.



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2 responses to “Reading Away The World

  1. This is well timed reading for me, as Hitler came up in conversation with D for the first time this morning. The conversation was long and as simple as I could make it, though not nearly linear since it was guided by D’s question. For me, the sentence you describe is a horror new to me … and I can’t help but feel nauseous at what might have been my little boy’s outcome for many reasons. Gah.

    Love your conclusion.

    • Yes, that is exactly it, it is nausea. Serious nausea. Knowing that this happened because of and was encouraged by Nazism, makes the current neo-Nazis less comical. Less ridiculous than I had always thought them to be, it makes them instead monstrous. They are not suffering from stupidity, they are harboring inhumanity, cruelty. Just chilling. The motivation escapes me completely. I am so sorry that we live in a world that also housed a Hitler. I hope our children never see the like. Thank you for reading- give the kids a hug for me.

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