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Half a Solution

I have shaved half of my daughter´s head, ear to ear. Very nineties!

I suppose I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out how effective it was..


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An Impossible Place

I don´t know what to do.

I have treated my daughter for lice and I have pulled out anything in her hair that I can see for four days straight, for the last two days I have found nothing at all.

I take her to the daycare where she picked up the lice, and after a half hour they find a dead egg attached to a strand of hair. I have to leave work to pick her up.

So small I cannot see it.

She has been growing her hair out for two years.

I can shave her head. I can switch daycares. I can shave the back half of her head and hope for the best. I don´t know what to do.

I just now sat her in the sun and could not find anything at all, just a lot of light shining off of each strand, tricking my eyes.

I am ready to cry. I feel completely incompetent. I have to work, I am the only income we have.


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