Too Much Excitement Before Halloween

My oldest child and I both had an appointment with the eye doctor today. Oldest Son has to wear an eye patch at home for his astigmatism. It won´t be all day for a year like I had to do when I was a kid, rather just a few hours a few days a week. I am going to think of some sort of pirate nickname for him. My issue with my contacts? They got switched. Sleepy mornings can make you put your right lens into your left eye, and it just goes downhill from there.

But it gets worse.

I picked the baby up from daycare yesterday and the staff informed me she has nits. Not adult lice, but the eggs. So I raced to the store and bought the treatment and then I did six loads of laundry from her beds. Yes, she has two beds in her room and she sleeps in either. I bagged up all her stuffed animals and in the hope of freezing weather we will keep them in the back of the car for a week or two.

When I picked her up today from daycare the staff informed me that they are implementing a no-nit policy. Even if the nits are dead, she will be sent home from daycare if one is found on her head. They are doing this because she was infested by another little girl whose mother did not take the lice issue seriously and therefore did not eradicate the lice in the first place. So the staff wants to avoid reinfestations. I cannot blame them, but now it is about my paycheck, because most sitters will not sit for lice! So far we have combed through her hair three times, for a total of two and a half hours, in less than twenty four hours. Plus the treatment. I also blow dried her scalp as hot as she could stand. I have a shampoo treatment and the Cetaphil treatment all ready to go before I Nix her again next week. Hopefully the good comb I ordered off Amazon (The Terminator!) comes UPS by then, because I could not find one here in town. I have repeatedly asked her to let me shave her head. She does not want to. I even offered to do it with her, and no dice.

So our life just got super complicated.

I have been having six or seven appointments a week for the boys, and they have all been eating a pie a day. I cannot keep up with the cooking or the appointments.

I don´t want to cut back on either.

My Youngest Son lost both his upper front teeth this week. The first one was kicked out by a kid on the swings, and the second he lost on the bus somehow. We knew they were loose, weeks ago. Both teeth are AWOL. The Tooth Fairy paid him anyway, but he knows it´s me. A kid with bad PTSD shouldn´t have to think that strangers are entering his room at night and messing about under his pillow.

So I was thinking I had better call his speech therapist and see if he needs a hiatus from therapy, as it is really hard to hold your tongue behind your teeth to form your letters when your teeth are not there..

Perhaps it would cut down on the appointments.


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2 responses to “Too Much Excitement Before Halloween

  1. Boy that nit problem is tough. They are glued firmly to the hair shaft and don’t want to leave.

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