The Social Worker is Trying to Recruit Me

My son’s social worker has been asking me to join the Local Advisory Council for NAMI (which naturally focuses on child advocacy) for about a year.

Now she has started sending me the minutes.

Just yesterday she sent me the itinerary for the state conference.

The people attending the local meetings are people I would want to work with.

The state conference is mostly about advocating for children and what to do for children in the case of x, y, z. It looks nearly dreamy. Like I could fill up a notebook and gain some confidence.

She is tempting me.

I don’t want to spend even one day away from my kids at a state conference. I don’t want to take two hours off of my work for local advocacy. I want to do it, but I need to work and raise my kids.

I have been doing community advocacy since I was sixteen. I think she is moving in for the kill.

I have great excuses. I just don’t know if I have the strength to resist.



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2 responses to “The Social Worker is Trying to Recruit Me

  1. You have a lot to share with others who are struggling. I admire you.

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