Diagnosis For My Son

The doctor I saw today told me I was not autistic. He said I have Asperger’s instead, that I was definitely on the spectrum but fit into the category of Asperger’s far better than into the current DSM definition.

Just like my son.



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12 responses to “Diagnosis For My Son

  1. I hope knowing this individual’s diagnosis is helpful to you, on your journey.

    • Well, it would be my diagnosis, so I think it will help me.

      • I am glad this feels helpful to you! (To be clear, I just meant “diagnosis made by this individual.” Got a bit tripped up on my own grammar there!)

        I always check, before assuming how someone might feel about receiving a new diagnosis. Like many people, I myself have gotten a variety of mental health diagnoses over the years — and sometimes they have felt spot-on, and very useful to have. Other times — whether because I have an off-feeling about the doctor, or it maybe seems like I wasn’t clearly heard, when describing symptoms — the diagnosis I receive feels equally…off.

        I hope having this new information helps you in many, many ways. 🙂

      • I felt euphoric! When my son was diagnosed I was beyond happy. When you know something is wrong and you haven’t got a name for it, getting that label sorted out is a huge relief.

      • Ok, then I am super SUPER glad for you!!!!

  2. I was happy when I was diagnosed too. I feel like it is not a “label” that will follow me around, or a “crutch” for me to make excuses with… it is an explanation for my whole life!

  3. Thank God they are okay.

  4. You always feel better when you know what is “wrong”. Asperger´s means you can relate to Einstein and other intellegent people who has that diagnose.

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