First Day of No Dairy?

So Middle Child was excited about having soy milk at lunch, too. He said it was better than regular. Of course it was chocolate. He picks chocolate milk when he has the dairy kind, so I have to stay competitive. He will not always have soy milk at breakfast. We don’t do cereal every day. But if he likes it so much at lunch I think I will fork over the cash to send it with him every day, because I don’t want him to grab the dairy kind if he gets a chocolate craving in the lunch room. I know how hard it can be to resist those.

I was very happy to hear that he liked his soy milk. I have all the other kinds, too, some I need for baking and some I need for drinking, and we are figuring it all out. But he told me this at daycare. That he liked the milk he had for lunch. He told me while carrying an empty bowl to the counter. Whatever had been in the bowl was smeared all over his collar and he was licking it off his face, too. I asked him what it was. It was strawberry yogurt.

I popped into the director’s office and told her I was taking him off milk. She remembered, then. She said she would post it up tomorrow. So I suppose tomorrow will be our first day of no dairy. At least I hope it will be. I will bring a doctor’s note for it. That might prompt her memory.



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2 responses to “First Day of No Dairy?

  1. I have lots of dairy free, easy delicious recipes on my blog. Hopefully you’ll find something you like!

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