A Child Who Cannot Keep His Hands To Himself

Middle child seems to have lost his impulse control again. It could be from the lack of sleep now that school is back in session, the stress of school, or that he has gotten bigger and needs a larger dose. I tried that, a few months ago, and it made him far too sleepy so I haven’t done it since.

He is getting into enough trouble with managing his anger that he is becoming unhappy. He is poking his brother, squishing his brothers cheeks when he is frustrated, yelling at people and getting into faces. Of course he has consequences for that. He is frustrated with constantly facing consequences from me. But I cannot let this stuff slide. This is about boundaries.  The teacher says he is very happy at school, never angry, and still has trouble keeping his hands to himself.

The child psychologist said that when he develops a tolerance to this medicine or it quits working then he will have to try antipsychotics. Whatever he needs, I will provide, I just don’t want to see him start to believe he is a bad kid again.

I need to try dietary changes. Dairy will be the first to go.



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5 responses to “A Child Who Cannot Keep His Hands To Himself

  1. Good luck! I hope you find some workable answers soon.

  2. I hope your plan works! Power to you

  3. I hope things get better soon.

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