Not Lost at the Fair

Tonight we went back to the same fair where Autistic Child impulsively ran off toward an attraction and promptly became lost for ten minutes last year. The police brought him back to me, in tears, and he has been stuck to me like glue ever since. He did not run off this year, we had talked about it on and off and he had plenty of practice at other venues this summer. Perhaps he did learn. I just never know what is going to stick with him and what he will forget.

The neighborhood children missed us. RAD neighbor child came running at me and gave me a big hug, and then asked me for treats. But I had not been home baking as I usually do. I hadn’t any for him. Perhaps he missed my dessert, and not my person.

I get the best exercise at events or family outings like the zoo. I wake up feeling sore, but good, the next day. I can feel it creeping up from the arthritis in my feet already. I think arthritis is my oldest friend. No one else has stayed in constant touch with me since my early twenties.

I want to walk for hours on a regular basis. I wish the children were up for that every day. They squabbled over whose turn it was in the stroller on the way home, so I folded it up and we all walked the rest of the way, the baby drying some tears as she went. I am still glad I had it, though. It kept me mobile even when someone needed a rest.

I want to cook all day tomorrow, but Oldest Child has a birthday. We have to take in a movie and do birthday things. Luckily he does not want a party. All I have to do is get him to dinner out with a friend and his family. I am grateful they accepted. When your child wants to see only one person on their birthday you really want to make it happen.


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  1. Yes, I would too. Want to make it happen.

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