Mice and Medication

My car was out of commission for a week because a mouse had got into the engine and chewed on some wires. Maybe if I allowed the children to eat in the car it could have found something better to chew on and left my wires alone. The mechanic undercharged me intentionally, which was helpful and I have already tried to make up for some of that with a dozen cookies. There are a lot of people around here who refuse to make money off of hardship. Which is why I still work in the same office, as the local family who owns it is of the same mind.

Autistic Child has been on Zoloft for nearly two weeks, a small dose, and his fear has abated enough that he can be in the house by himself for twenty minutes or so while I work in the yard. If the windows are wide open. And the patio door, too.

Middle Child had an upset tummy this past weekend, so on Monday and Tuesday I gave him probiotics before he went to school. Those are the only two days he has done poorly in school, with very poor impulse control. I got suspicious enough about it on Tuesday evening that I gave him no probiotics the rest of the week, and the other days he did much better. Today after I picked him up I had a short talk with him about it and we agreed to try him on a diet without dairy for a few weeks. I read somewhere that a sensitivity to dairy creates issues with the neurotransmitters, due to malfunctioning enzymes mimicking something or misfiring? I really cannot remember it all, but it seemed to make sense to give it a go. Not an allergy, mind you. Nor lactose intolerance, just a hunch. Because the box the probiotics came in listed an awful lot of bacilli that are derived from milk.. so we will see. I suppose we will start on Monday.

Today Autistic Child talked with his skills therapist about fear for a while. He denied that he did not feel unsafe at home, insisting he has always felt safe. The therapist asked him “Did you feel safe when your father lived with you?” and said my son looked up from his trains, as if startled. He replied “No, no I didn’t” and the therapist told him that he has to teach his fear that he is safe at home now, that his brain has to catch up with his changed circumstances. Which is a great way to explain PTSD to a child.

There is only one favorite teacher remaining at our daycare, due to a new director. So far the kids are taking it okay, but the new teachers don’t seem so swift. They have not been paying much attention to the children, nor greeting the parents. I hope they don’t think what they are doing is akin to babysitting. Because the previous teachers were teaching. They got paid spit, but they were teaching, anyway. Which is why I stayed there, and is what I still expect from the staff, and now that I live close by I don’t want to switch to another care facility.

I live close enough to walk. Which helps when you have mice in your parking lot.


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6 responses to “Mice and Medication

  1. You know why I like reading your blogs and never give it a miss between the sea of blogs? It’s because your blogs are personal. They have so much heart. They speak of strength and steering through pain.
    I hope your strength never fails you and the mice leave you alone šŸ™‚

  2. Ditto to what Shivani said!

    And I agree, that’s a great way to explain PTSD to a little person. ā¤

  3. Do they charge extra for mice?

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