Grateful For Patient Children

Today the car was left at the mechanic’s. It has been stalling, while driving, and I want it fixed before I get into an accident with it.

The children and I walked everywhere today. My autistic child walked to the clinic and back to the daycare, and then immediately we went walking home. After dinner we walked all the way back to pick up the car, as the mechanic is near the daycare. None of them complained. My autistic boy did tell me he was tired and was obviously having trouble walking precisely. I am really happy his muscles were worked so well, I hope he gets some strength from it, but I was sorry for him.

Such lovely children. It was about ninety and humid as all hell. My heroes!

The car did not get fixed. Apparently it only stalls for it’s own family, and presents a perfect face to the rest of the world.



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9 responses to “Grateful For Patient Children

  1. Courtney

    Don’t you hate that about cars?

  2. Start keeping a log of what’s happening when it stalls. That might help the mechanic figure out what it’s deal is. (Yes, I’ve worked on cars before but I typically work on computer systems)

    • I wish the mechanic would try to figure it out, instead of relying on his computer to do it. Because that did not work.

      • Right. I understand that. Unfortunately, if it won’t stall for him, it could be about 50 different problems. It’s kind of like saying my computer doesn’t work, but I show up and the computer works fine. No viruses, no malware, no hardware failure detected. I’m sure it doesn’t work for you, but I can’t figure out what it’s issue is with the tools I have. You know?

      • I know it. What I really want to happen is for a mechanic to lift the hood, reach in, adjust a fuse and bill me thirty dollars. Wishful thinking…

      • That would be super wonderful. I wish that happened every time I went to the mechanic too! While I know quite a bit about cars, I’m not motivated/skilled enough to fix most problems myself.

      • I know nothing. So I wish very hard at my vehicles!

  3. Car stuff is the worst! Glad you are going well, great job, Kiddos!

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