A Grandmother’s Complaints

Tonight my mother asked if she should leave early, cut short her vacation time with us.

When asked what was wrong she complained that the children were always busy playing with toys or their friends.

It could have been worse.

To compromise, I am going to give her dinner at the same time as the children instead of cooking her special food after I cook theirs. She wants them to sit there for the hour and some that it takes her to eat, but I stood my ground on that one. I am not making my kids sit quietly at the table for forty-five minutes or more after they finish eating. That is half of their evening at home.

I know what she wants.

She wants them to be interested in her. But it works the other way round with most children. You get interested in them, and play WITH them or invite them to play.

When the baby took an interest in her, and chattered away at her, Grandma told her to “go read a book” and then I had talks about hurt feelings with the baby. When it was Grandma’s birthday dinner, she went upstairs to bed and had a nap. Missing her dinner entirely. Yes, I told her before we started.

She has yet to be happy when she visits. She spends most of her time sleeping.

I don’t want the children to dread her staying with us, or become resentful.


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16 responses to “A Grandmother’s Complaints

  1. I can relate. You gotta hate when this happens.

  2. The family ties that bind and gag. My mother has not had contact with us in 7 years. No reason. Just, nothing. I guess she thinks facebook posts are enough. Ben wouldn’t know her if she sat next to him on a bus. I want him to have real family too. I’ll adopt you and you can adopt me and then we can dress up and be the best kinda grandmas ever!

  3. I would grandmother your children if I could. I love hearing about them.. They sound lovely.

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