Too Much

The other mothers in the complex are fighting with each other over parenting and child safety.

My father has dementia, and no one has told him or his doctor. He has a wife, so my hands are tied.

My mother is coming for a visit. She is never happy visiting me. I am always on edge when she comes, waiting for her to explain to me that I am not doing enough to show her a good time. Because I have children and a job. The first time she did this I was a few days post partum and could even not sit down yet. She had her friend yell at me over the phone, and she stopped when I pointed out to her that I could not walk, much less tour the local museums or go out to eat with a newborn in whooping cough territory with that horrible flu going around. You have to keep babies indoors the first six weeks in such places, said the pediatrician.

I enrolled in community college, and have to take the placement test.

My best friend has all the signs of prescription drug abuse, and in fact I never see her anymore, though I do get “drunk texts” from her and desperate calls from her son asking for help. She has a husband, so my hands are tied.

Two of my kids start a new school in a few weeks. I found out the local schools publish the kids in the paper when they get honor roll. I opt them out of everything, and still there is another security leak.

I am stressed out.

I need to remember to take my medication.


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11 responses to “Too Much

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Argh. 😦

  2. Hope things work out and you end up having a great visit with your mom.

  3. You do have a lot on you plate. I hope your mom can give you support.

  4. Strength to you. Having a similar “my hands are tied” experience with someone close to me right now, and I understand both the anguish — and the plain ol’ “emotional drain I can’t afford right now” — of these situations.

  5. This sounds rough–I would think your Mother would know how the a body feels after giving birth.

    • Yeah, you would think so! But to be fair, I had a couple of easy births, too, where I was up and about immediately. That one had complications. It was four months before I could sit like everyone else.

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