A Grievous Incident

Our beloved unmedicated neighbor boy, who I mentioned in my last post, has managed to seriously hurt a much older child. Last night he knocked out a thirteen year old girl, with a plastic sword covered in duct tape. She has a concussion and has to stay in her darkened house. Not a great way to spend a summer day, or days.

She has had a CAT scan, and they said she can now sleep without worry. She looks very affected, and her nose is also broken. I am very sorry for her. She is a sweet girl, very good with younger children, a naturally nice person.

Her mother is not so sure about letting her daughter play outside anymore… it happened when she was just ten feet away.

In the shelter I had to keep my children apart from other children a great deal of the time, because my children were violent or their children were violent or abusive in other ways. It is just what had to be done to keep everyone safe. It was very difficult, more so because we lived in one room and had next to no toys. The only thing to do was to be outside, where all the other children were. It was very hard to keep them apart. It was heartbreaking to watch them react with violence to nearly everything. All the children there needed professional help.

Just as we started the neighborhood on Capture the Flag and Four Square, this threw a wrench into our newly forged bonds. I don’t know what will happen, but I feel sorry for everyone. I hope our neighbor boy is okay. He was having such a hard time and I am sure he feels worse now.



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6 responses to “A Grievous Incident

  1. sending prayers for you all.

  2. My heart grieves for everyone in this situation. I’ll be holding you in my thoughts.

  3. betternotbroken

    Reading about your experience makes me mad. Shelters are no places for victims of violence, they cause secondary wounding. You need a refuge and a sanctuary not something set up for runaway dogs. I hope you and your children are on your way to better things.

    • Oh, we are in a much better place now than then, especially because I am running the show for all of us. When I was in the shelter I knew it could be far better, but being somewhere that I could not be found was enough for me at the time. My kids were alive, and the joy of that eclipsed all else.

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