Summer Flu

My oldest child has the summer flu. He also has so many mosquito bites that he looks poxed. Depending on the thermometer tomorrow, we may have to keep him home tomorrow and then cancel his equine therapy on Tuesday.

I saw cotton floating on the breeze and thought it was a tree allergy for the first few days of nose blowing, but tonight he had poor appetite and spiked a fever. Poor kid.

When he is stuffed up, too much mucus or too much saliva, he will drool it out of his mouth and let it fall on his torso. I want him to spit, to use a handkerchief, a tissue, something. I have tried to teach him diligence about it for years. It makes me feel so sad to see him do that. It is not well received in this culture, and maybe not in any. It marks his difference out very clearly.

I keep handkerchiefs on him at all times. His teacher kept a box of tissue on his desk. The only desk in class so adorned.


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8 responses to “Summer Flu

  1. Aw. I hope he is feeling better soon. The flu is the worst! Sending love your way.

  2. Hope he’s better soon.

  3. I hate the flu. The worst thing is when you and the kids have it at the same time. It is a horrible thing to try to clean up after kids who vomit , while your tummy feels the same.
    It is truly one of my most dreaded things.
    Hope your son feels better. I hate sickness. I really do.

    • Yes, I have had horrific bouts of flu go through the house, with everyone sick. The only way to get through it as the caregiver is to eat and drink nothing for the first twenty four hours. That always worked for me. He is just about over it now, a few days and his cough will be gone. Thank you!

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