Equine Therapy

My autistic child took to equine therapy literally like he had grown up in a barn. He was walking the horse through the obstacle course alone within an hour.

My middle child was terrified. He had to lay on the horse backward, while a trainer held his arms. The trainers asked me twice if I was sure he was not autistic.

Totally worth it. I think this will be good. This is the second time my oldest has found something he is naturally better at than his little brother.

The other is making Lego creations from blueprints.



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7 responses to “Equine Therapy

  1. I worked at a school that had a partnership with a horseback riding program. It wasn’t exactly therapy, but the students looked forward to it like little else.

  2. Courtney

    So glad to hear it went well 🙂
    I hope your younger son warms up to them. Their size can be unnerving but they’re amazing creatures.

    • I think he will. I think it will help him alot, with trust and sensory issues.

      • Courtney

        Those are definitely things that you face when riding. Trusting yourself, trust the horse, and getting used to the bumpiness lol

      • Ah, I did not think about all those aspects of trust. Of course he has to trust himself. Of course. He comes off so confident all the time.. I am still surprised. I suppose things are coming out that need to be aired and addressed. Our next appointment is in ten days. I will post it up!

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