My Son’s Bullying Solutions

My son has talked with me and with his psychologist about what to do when bullied. We all agreed that if known bullies show up, he should come to me so I can supervise him if he wants to stay outside.

The psychologist wants him to have a whistle, which is an awesome suggestion.

My son decided to wrap his leg in bandages. He reasoned that if his leg appeared to be broken or injured, perhaps no one would hurt him for fear of worsening his injuries. I told him how it was when I was a kid, when other children would not fight you if you had glasses. They would yell at you to take them off first. But the kids he met the other day did not care that he had glasses. So I told him the boundaries change. Some kids don’t care if you have an existing issue, especially kids that just barge into your compound and decide to fight you. He loved his bandage, though, he kept it on all day. He had a spare in his pocket, but I have no idea what he has done with it. Today he has forgotten about his bandage. He said he loved the feel of it, the pressure of having something tight on his skin, which is a score for long underwear. I explained that if he would just wear his, it would feel like that all the time in winter, and he would not be so cold. I don’t think he will fight me on it next winter.

So I will be getting him a whistle. I wish I had that dog. Not that I expect the dog to protect him, which assistance dogs do NOT do, but because having a dog makes you look less like a victim and more like a friend.

I will speak to the grandmother of the children the next time they come around. I will probably bring her something baked. Because that softens one up a bit, and because she probably needs it. I don’t think her life is very easy.



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9 responses to “My Son’s Bullying Solutions

  1. You have a wonderful heart to feel compassion in this situation. I’m sure that sort of strength is inspirational to your son.

  2. I feel for your little man.. In second grade, Son had terrible social anxiety combined with stammering speech and trouble reading social cues. He didn’t understand laughter properly either (I think that was part of the social cue thing). So if anyone laughed in his vicinity, even if it was an approving laugh of something funny he’d just said, he was ready to lash out.. sometimes raising his fist and shouting at them..sometimes even hitting. It seems everyday we were getting calls from guidance saying Son did this.. Son did that. But he was attending a Title 1 school and one we got his IEP in place things slowly improved. Part of his IEP was a social skills group where he has gone from back of the pack to a leader for other kids. There is hope.. there’s just a lot of tough days along the way. Prayers and positive thoughts for your little man finding his own way.

  3. I hope it works. Your little guy doesn’t need to haven’t it so rough.

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