The morning after the IEP my Asperger’s child attacked his daycare teacher, whom he has known for three years. He simply would not sit at the table and became enraged when told to do so, to calm down. He stomped on her feet, screamed, and spit at her. She called me, but she did not write it up. I have to request documentation of this.

He has had some serious consequences and lost all the privileges he ever cared about, including the only birthday party he was invited to this year. He is required to make reparations. He has already apologized. He is on guided reading, too, I have nearly a dozen books on anger and bullying for him to read.

I have had to rethink his treatment plan.

I called and had his medication increased. This is a PTSD regression, I hope. Did I mention this our anniversary month, when we all get triggered?

I then went to the county and asked for further resources. I can have him assessed, and if he meets qualifications I can receive grants for further therapies, a personal care attendant, or etc. But not a service dog. For some reason, that does not qualify.

I have to leave another message for the equine therapist. He has not returned my calls.

I am so sad about this. He has not done this for a very long time. I know this is often typical autistic behaviour, but I have never allowed it. I don’t want him to go down this road.



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7 responses to “Reassessment

  1. Sending thoughts of peace and grace to all of you. Anniversaries are terribly difficult.

  2. Im sorry, I know how hard this is. My son screams, bangs his head, and hits. I dont know what to do about it, he wont listen to me at all.

  3. I know this is hard. Stay strong.

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