Service Dogs

I just spent another few hours applying for a service dog. Another local organization popped up on the ADI list and has been active for years, and seems to have a good reputation.

This one wants a fee, of course, but because they train with the prison system and then a local school the cost is ten thousand less than the average.

My son does not fit their criteria, and neither does my home, as I do not have a fenced yard. But they do take case-by-case considerations, and so I applied. They are not too far from me.

I have been so lucky lately, that I just had to try.

I applied for my oldest son, again, for his autism. There are no programs out there for PTSD dogs for children. I hope an autism assist dog would do many of the same things. I gave a good description of what I need the dog to do for him.

I give it two years. If I cannot get a service dog by the time my oldest turns nine I will train a dog myself. I have done very well with it before. It won’t be allowed in the places that I need a dog the most, but it will help at home as a therapy dog, where we need help the least. Help some of the time is better than none of the time.


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