Too Many Phone Calls in One Day!

Today I got a phone call that my younger son had been accepted in the charter school, so now he will be attending with my older son. The charter school that people have been putting their ADHD kids into and then stopping their medication- with no issues.
I started to cry when she told me. I was so happy.
I got a call from the mechanic, who had our car for the day. He had some bad news, the repairs required would cost four times the expected amount. I knew he was right, so I authorized him to go ahead.
An hour before work let out, he called to let me know that he had been delivered the wrong parts, and my car was inoperable and needed to spend the night. The mechanic is down the street from my work, and miles from home.
Single mother, ten miles from children, no car. So scary! I was ready to go Mama Bear.
Luckily my dearest friend (ever) came through. Her car is parked outside, but I was unable to retrieve the car seats from the mechanic. This is where I am glad I live by the daycare. We walk, no problem!
So I was up and down and all over the place. Just emotionally exhausted by the time I got home to host Oldest Son’s caseworker (I got him one because of the ASD, I thought she would have better resources), who does not know the price of the equine therapy. That makes me so nervous. I could probably afford it, but the major car repair and the increase in medication costs make me, well, nervous about expenses. Tax returns don’t last forever! I should find out the pricing next week.
The good news, though, is coming.
My anxious autistic son is better! He did not fight his bath time at all. He came upstairs for it easily, readily, and was fairly relaxed. I refused to give into his anxiety and encouraged him to think through it when he was afraid to go into the bathroom, and he didn’t do too badly. I think he is coming back to himself. I hope so, it is not easy to be a bully who is constantly terrified of fictitious characters and the dark and being alone and being without an adult and.. everything. I have no reports of him bullying, lately. I hope that means there is none.
I only did dinner and gave information to the caseworker tonight. No laundry, no cleaning, and I am trying not to kick myself for it nor feel guilty about it. Let me go pack their snacks before I forget.



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3 responses to “Too Many Phone Calls in One Day!

  1. You have done enough today. Let the cleaning stay until tomorrow…Hope you get some rest tonight.

  2. Courtney

    Congrats on the school!

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