Changes From The Psychiatric Nurse

We were lucky to get into an appointment today to see the psychiatric nurse, our scheduled appointment happened to be set for the same time as Middle Son’s first ever school concert! Had to cancel that one!

She thinks there is far more PTSD in play than we suspect, that the ADHD and the ASD are perhaps contributing less to the concentration issues than the PTSD symptoms are.

I buy that. I cannot remember anything, anymore, and I cannot keep my own concentration going long enough to finish a board game, which is something that I feel guilty about.

There is not much else to do about it, though, than what I am already doing and increasing the meds a bit. She made notes on our Thera Tapper, she had never heard of it before. I am so glad that I own one. It stops meltdowns, I swear.

I start Middle Son’s medication increase this weekend, so I can monitor him before sending him to school on a higher time release dose. This will double my cost out of pocket for the next few months, but it is the best option, and he deserves that. I am effectively making a car payment until my deductible kicks in.

Oldest Son will be doubling his medication and I do not anticipate any negative reaction, nor does the nurse, so I already upped his this evening. This will treat his PTSD more effectively, so it should help with his anxiety, too.

I am grateful I haven’t got a husband to pester me about cost or criticize the treatment plans that I have going for them. I can spend my money and my life on my kids, freely, and answer to no one about it except the professionals. As it should be. Thank goodness their father is not here to steal the money that I need for medication and enrichment classes.

School is nearly out, and Middle Son had far less trouble this year than I thought he would. I am also profoundly grateful to all the doctors and therapists and teachers who helped us get here.



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2 responses to “Changes From The Psychiatric Nurse

  1. betternotbroken

    I buy it too, not that I am there but from what I have experienced, PTSD mimics ADHD and is the PTSD that must be addressed. I am glad you found a team that is helping, I wish you all the best!

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