Emails From the Teacher

Middle Son’s teacher sent me an email. The title of which was Hmmmm..

Never a good sign, eh?

So his medication is too low. I cut a pill into four parts and he gets a piece three times a day plus a time release before bed. But still he is interrupting in class and has been often removed to a far table so class can proceed.

No wonder he has been crying that he does not want to go. I have tried him on a higher dose, and he fell asleep. He seems to be in between too high and too low.

Kids already pick on him for his speech issues. He claims they pick on him for his bad pictures, too. He was never interested in drawing. He would rather run about and kick a ball, always.

It breaks my heart. I reminded the school that he has a 504. I gave multiple suggestions.

Oldest son still has not been pulled out of his mainstream room for the entire day, he has to go back and forth three times, and it is a frustrated agony for him. He no longer has to deal with the ¨bully¨ para, though. Thank goodness. It took them nearly two months to follow that suggestion.

I hope the school is going to work with me on Middle Son if he does not make it into the charter school for next fall. It has taken so long to get his self esteem back up to acceptable, and I am going to be devastated if he goes back to hating himself because of his impulse issues and the negative feedback from his school. I wish I could homeschool. Single motherhood doesn’t leave many options, does it?

Seriously I am heartbroken for my boys. I just want them to enjoy their days.



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6 responses to “Emails From the Teacher

  1. Oh sad…I hate when kids are picked on at school. I was picked on for speech issues as a child (and size…and shyness). My kids all have speech issues too. There are a lot of things that can be tried in the classroom. Of course, teachers and other students have to be tolerant and supportive too. This year I had one student who had a theraband type of thing at the feet of his chair to keep his feet busy while he sat. We also used a tactile keychain type thing that hooked onto a beltloop. Instead of a weighted vest, he could put on his backpack at carpet time. Adjusting meds is very good-I find myself working with kids whose parents don’t want to medicate. There is a big difference in learning when there are attention issues. The gap gets bigger and bigger. Keep expressing your concerns to the teacher and even administrator. Bullying should not be tolerated. Oh, has a ton of ideas for behavior interventions. I use things from it to support teachers and students. Where I am, there is much more support through special education than 504. But then, of course, all teachers are different. I wish you the best with this adventure!

    • Yeah, the 504 is just a nod, it seems. But I directed her to it, because the doctor that wrote it up is brilliant with him and all techniques for special kids. I am going to check that link, thank you so much! I am going to put a bracelet on him tomorrow as a quick fix and see if that has any effect at all. I requested a wiggle seat, too.

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