Feeling Awful

Our favorite neighbor, a boy the same age as my oldest, became upset with me tonight.
He is underweight. The doctor wants to get more calories in him. His mother has been trying to get him to eat more, plying him with sweets.
Tonight he was at my house for dinner time and he did not like what we were having. He ate nothing. When his own dinnertime was underway, I sent him home to get a bite, telling him to come back when he was done.
He was a bit miffed with me, but I told him again just to eat and come back to play. That we would wait for him.
He went home and threw an unholy fit. His mother was already exhausted. I felt awful. I went over there after it and I sat on the front step and I apologized and talked to him about his feelings and we cried a bit.
My son was sad that we could not have our usual time to play together with our neighbor.
I feel so responsible. I knew he was an EBD kid, like mine. I wish I had done something different so that this had never happened.



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7 responses to “Feeling Awful

  1. Honey you are waaaaay too hard on yourself. You’re such a devoted mom. It shows in every single post you make. I admire your unbreakability and patience with your little ones flying solo with PTSD and recovering yourself. ..be good to yourself. ..you’ve seen enough bad.
    Hugs. Xx

  2. You did great! I’m sure his behavior is not new to his mom. You don’t have to take responsibility for feeding extra kids…if they want to partake, great. I remember when my now 25 year old was young, one of his friends refused to eat our food, commenting that it wasn’t “real food”. I was offended at first, but I just stopped having him over at meal times. You are a super mom!

    • Thanks! Yes, his mom has seen this before, the poor child has been examined by tons of specialists. He had been better, lately. Most of my food is low sugar high fiber, not what every kid likes, and certainly his mom would have something more appealing. Mine would not be real, either. I don’t know how to cook meat!

  3. You did what you thought was best, then talked later. That’s good.

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