Fearful and Phobic, My Son

My oldest son has taken his separation anxiety to a new level.
He cannot be alone in the same room any longer, and now he will start having hysterics in a room full of people if you mention to him that it is time to go to another room, because he is assuming that no one else is going with him. Assuming the worst, without reason. He has always been accommodated on his anxieties, he should know he can trust his family by now. Completely irrational fear.
I am second guessing my decision not to put a seven year old on SSRIs. I bought him some L-Theanine and will give that a go, first. Then I will wave my own supplement under a doctor’s nose and see what the doc thinks about adding GABA to the L-theanine. Because I cannot live without that combo.
I am so sorry for him. This has become a crippling anxiety, this paranoia.
I don’t know if it is from his PTSD or his autism. He says it is from watching movies. He has never seen a scary movie, it is your average PG fare, but he finds aspects of even those to be disturbing, like certain robots and etc.
So we have been on Tinkerbell and Strawberry Shortcake for two weeks during movie time.
I don’t know what else to do.
I have been giving him talks to hopefully make him feel empowered, about how he can out-think his fear, and I have been having him repeat after me, addressing his fear and telling it to go away and etc.
I have turned up the affection, brought back the ¨Caught You Being Good¨ tally sheet, and changed his medication as well as adding this supplement.
At first he beat it by carrying a Lego sword. Then with a flashlight. Now nothing works, not even his sister can accompany him, he insists on it being me. Today when we were waiting for his brother to come out of the locker room after swimming lesson he shadowed me, wherever I stood he stood, no more than a pace away, while playing an app on my phone. Without looking up, he followed me two steps this way or four that way, to always be at my elbow. I don’t mind, I just worry about what is happening in his brain and his nervous system, if he is always flooded with fear.
I suppose it is better than him running off.



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4 responses to “Fearful and Phobic, My Son

  1. That’s so hard. The 12yo has severe anxiety, but he is not autistic. We’ve taught him coping skills (like chewing gum, using meditation objects) and we’ve also encouraged him to push through his anxiety. Both have helped some, but he’s still a kid with anxiety disorder.

    When he needs to push through something, like being scared to go in his room with the light off, we ask him to sit with the feeling. We remind him that feeling anxious really stinks, but it will not hurt him, so wait for the anxiety to pass.

    I don’t know that this is possible for your son because I don’t know much about him. I’m just passing along ideas that might possibly help. 🙂

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