Easter, or Christmas?

When I was a kid we went outside and found eggs, inside we might have more and we found our baskets, which had candy and maybe a stuffed animal or a small toy.
Today on Facebook I see people give their children bikes. For Easter. Patio toys, electronics.
Did I miss something?
I know I missed Easter doings for seventeen years, but is this typical, to give large gifts to children for Easter, things that do not fit in a basket?
I am trying to fit into popular culture.



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2 responses to “Easter, or Christmas?

  1. I can give you my opinion, but that’s all it is – an opinion. And an opinion of a girl who is solidly part of the majority – upper middle class, Caucasian, Christian… so maybe my opinion on this particular issue isn’t really valid.
    But I have two thoughts. Okay, three.
    1) Easter is not about gifts. It never was. It is about the Resurrection of Christ. People, for some strange reason, celebrate that with chocolate and eggs and rabbits. I’m not complaining – I like chocolate – but I never knew why those things were associated with Easter.
    2) My own experience was pretty average for people my age (I was born in 1993, I’m 21 now). I always got a little basket on Easter Sunday to put chocolate and other candies into when I found them on my Easter egg hunt. Sometimes I’d get a small stuffed animal or a cheap pair of new pyjamas. My mom still buys me chocolate on Easter because she loves any excuse to get me gifts. 😉 My best friend who has four little kids of her own bought me a little stuffed lamb last Easter – same thing she got her kids. I cherish it. Its name is Pippin. Don’t ask. Haha.
    3) This wasn’t the point of your post, but I can’t ignore it. There are things that are SO MUCH more important than fitting into popular culture. You are an amazing mother. One in a million. I have learned so much from reading your posts and I hope one day to mother as well as you have. Don’t sacrifice that in order to give your children a “normal” childhood. Don’t second-guess your instincts in favour of pop culture. Pop culture sucks. Go with what feels right to you, and love your children as best as you know how, and that is what they will grow up knowing – not that they had the “latest and greatest”, not even that their mom was “cool”, but rather that they were LOVED. Isn’t that what we all dream for our children?

    Sending love to you and yours this beautiful Easter Sunday.

    • Ah, that is sweet. I am so lucky, to be so supported! I am positive that the eggs and spring baskets are from the Persian New Year tradition, known as Nowruz, and actually have no connection to Christianity at all. I am accustomed to Nowruz, which lasts much longer than Easter. Take a look at the Nowruz traditional table, and you can see how Easter baskets evolved from that. The bunnies are an obvious spring fertility thing. But that’s off the top of my head.
      Now I am going for Western, rather than Eastern. That is what I struggle with. I am accustomed to living a drastically different lifestyle.
      I think your childhood Easters are more what I was thinking. I don’t want to use every holiday as an excuse to get my kids what they need, as if the only reason they got a bicycle was because it was a religious occasion. I get them bikes when I can, and when they need a new one. But if they go to school and every other child has gotten a bike, as if it were some tradition that happens on Easter weekend, then I would try to schedule it in so they were in line with their peers. I am sure it is not a yearly thing. Well, one would hope.
      Thank you so much for explaining it. This is what I wanted, a very mainstream opinion, so that we are somewhat in line with their peers. I hope you had a lovely Easter!

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