Speech Therapy and Bullying

Middle son has been getting teased for how he speaks. At first I thought it was a second language issue, but it never did right itself.
I thought he would improve with school exposure, but that did not happen. The school would not refer him to speech, so his doctor did.
He goes every week.
I am using the Japanese alphabet to help him with practice, because for some odd reason, he can pronounce those letters perfectly. It is the English combinations he has problems with. So I have him do it right in Japanese over and over, in order to train his tongue.
We were there yesterday.
He told the therapist his father was sick and he kept yelling at his mother so we had to leave and now he doesn’t have a dad anymore. I did correct him. I told him he does have a father, but his father is too sick to be around. I did not correct him for calling beatings ¨yelling¨. That is his call entirely.
This is a big deal, to talk about it offhandedly.
Today I watched him play outside with the neighborhood kids, and now I have the local bully pegged. I asked him if the bully was picking on him. He said no. Later I told him I saw some things happen during his time outside that I did not like, and the main of that was him being pushed to the ground by this bully. Pushed for no reason. My son’s eyes got wide and he mutely agreed with me. Then I listed two things I liked. One, catching a ball from on high while on the run. Very good for his age and phenomenal for his experience. Two, helping a girl who the same bully had stolen a shoe from, to get her shoe back. He admitted to both, and now I know he understands I am proud of him, rather than having a negative perception after seeing him bullied.
He had come in from outside in an angry mood, speaking rudely to me. I knew he was triggered. He hid it from the other children really well, better than I knew he could do. At home when he is triggered now he will cry. He used to fly into rages, so the crying is better. But the denial scared me. I gave him joint compressions, got him hydrated, and let the attitude slide. I am going to talk to him about it more tomorrow. I did tell him I saw the bully do it to a younger kid and then turn on him when that younger child left the game.
I am going to ask him to leave when he is treated like that. He did a good job of handling it, considering their age difference, but I don’t want it to keep happening. Laughing it off is not enough for me. I know my kids are going to struggle to fit in, but I don’t want them to accept bad treatment.
If my kids did anything like that they know they would be in a world of trouble.



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5 responses to “Speech Therapy and Bullying

  1. good! you’re an excellent parent…

  2. Courtney

    Sounds like the right thing to do. I smiled when I read that he helped another child get her shoe back from the bully 🙂 … And its good that he’s impulse might be getting better – crying vs. rage. Crying is less destructive but can help release the tension equally as much. Baby steps.

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