Bullying: Our Strategy

As soon as the kids piled into my bed this morning, I talked to them about our neighborhood bully. We agreed on a plan of action.
If he comes outside to play, the children will let me know and I will go outside and observe from an obvious place. This will give me a chance to prep the small front garden area, too.
We settled on this because he also attends the children’s daycare, and has shown none of these behaviours there. There are daycare staff observing inside and out, so this might nip it in the bud. Maybe he only does this if he thinks no one is watching. If I do have to go in, I will loudly declare that I am watching through the window, for whatever reason.
We summed up the conversation remembering all the cool kids, big and small, who have played parkour tag with us in the area. Because only once did we encounter any bully behaviour in the local parks. The children were typically very good with my autistic son, letting him rest or going up to him to be tagged when he tired. All of them were strangers to us, because until last month, we did not live in the same town where the children attend daycare and school but we played at the parks where we lived. We have tag friends, school friends, and daycare friends. We have been lucky, overall.
If it warms up today and gets dry, we will go and see who wants to play tag.


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