Middle Child Had A Bad Day

Middle son had major issues with impulse control today. When the daycare teacher instructed him to have some chill time he colored on the wall. He must have been angry.
I didn’t escalate the issue, I just made sure he knew what was going on between himself and his teacher, that he understood right and wrong.

At the dinner table we were talking about children and mortality. My sons claim that children rarely die. I told them that such a claim made no sense and they had to think about it. Why would the smallest and least educated people be the least likely to die? How would that be possible, when children could not even feed themselves?
They thought for a few minutes.
Middle son came up with an answer. He said that ¨Kids be good so that no adults get angry at them and kill them.¨
Which was not the answer I was looking for, but spoke volumes about the state of his PTSD.

So I explained that kids were cared for, and that, contrary to his perception, adults almost never killed children. I told him every parent gets really mad at every kid, but they normally don’t hurt them. Oldest son chimes in with ¨only bad parents hurt kids.¨ Which I let stand as a valid judgement and continued to explain that the vast majority of parents set rules and take actions to keep kids safe, resulting in less child than adult deaths in the news. Overly simple, but really, if some adults out there had to listen to their mommy, their lives would be much better. I am shooting for safety, here.

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