Skills Therapy For Middle Son

Yesterday Middle Son had skills therapy. It was the first time he easily and readily answered questions from the therapist about his feelings and his father. It has been a year that he has been seeing this therapist, and this is his third year in skills therapy. I have had him in it nearly continuously since we left.
He told the therapist he remembered hiding under the coffee table. He talked readily about the people he loved, and when asked, he said he did not love his father. That made me sad. I had hoped that the illness tack I am taking on the topic would help him to retain positive feelings for his father. Perhaps it is just the absence, or his young age.
But the talking is a huge deal. This child, at age three, would shrink his entire body into the floor, like a feral cat, rather than be touched by someone other than myself. Even if it were a friendly motherly sort. At that time he was quicker with fists than words, lied, stole, and even pissed on the floor in front of me in an attempt to make me upset. Which sometimes worked at the end of the day, I am sorry to confess. He has never responded to questions or direction in therapy, most of it has had to be self directed, with a clever psychologist or therapist seizing on his crumbs and making them into lessons, rather than guiding him into healing.
Two things happened concurrently last month and his mood and his behaviour have been much improved ever since.
He did EMDR for the first time, with a Thera Tapper (I have one in my backpack right now, awaiting training in technique), and he went back to his old medication and ditched that patch. He looks far better, no longer exhausted, and not triggered. I suppose telling him I got him into a new school did occur that week, as well.
Whatever the reason, I am grateful for a normal hyper kindergartner who helps his little sister get her hat on and asks her what is wrong when she pouts. Grateful that he can play all day with his brother and not have it escalate into wronged feelings or physical altercations. Grateful for him telling me that he loves me at least every hour, unless he is busy with a two player video game. That hour he forgets. As he should. Grateful that his nightmares no longer get him out of bed every night.
I hope his brain can heal further. Maybe someday he won’t need any medication at all.


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2 responses to “Skills Therapy For Middle Son

  1. What wonderful news! And how wonderful the mind’s plasticity, the fact that it *can* heal.

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