Anxiety, ASD

A year ago Eldest Son began to be afraid in rooms by himself. Our apartment was so small that it was not much of an issue. I attributed it to an anniversary triggering his PTSD. Then he began to be afraid of public bathrooms.

I got him to go inside them and shut the door by knocking steadily on the outside of the door. I would call out that I was taking breaks from knocking, and if he needed to hear it he would tell me. It got worse, though, not better.

Earlier this week he wanted me on the same floor with him after dark, a sibling was no longer sufficient.

Tonight he wanted me to be inside the bathroom with him, at home.

When we moved to a house with two floors I was not surprised that he wanted one of us on the same floor as himself. But now it is back to being in the same room, and worse, if he cannot use the bathroom alone any longer. He had his sister knock on the outside of the door. I am lucky the children help him.

I got frustrated and told him I could not accommodate him with someone being in the bathroom, that being on the same floor has to be enough. I asked him, what had changed? Why was it worse today? What was he more afraid of? He could not say, it seemed. Surely if he recalled some incident he would have mentioned it. I told him it was okay if he did not want to tell me what it was, but he should think on it and tell his psychiatric nurse when we see her on Tuesday. I need to find some tips and tricks fast, I don’t want to add an anti-anxiety med to his new ADHD med. The boys are on one medication each. I want to avoid more.

I need to get him his own little flashlight, and ask him what other objects would make him feel safe, in case carrying things with him would be an easy cure. I wish I had that therapy dog, already, but I bet we will never get approved for one. He will age out by the time they go over my application.

I am so sorry for him. This is one part of the ASD I wish he could just skip. He has PTSD already. He doesn’t need more fear or more tension.


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10 responses to “Anxiety, ASD

  1. “new ADHD med?” This could definitely be the cause of the anxiety.

    • I only give him enough to last while in school. The rest of the time it should be out of his system, and the med is tenex, so more a blood pressure thing. He should be calmer on it, as it is not a stimulant.

      • Having gone thru many med cocktails with my grandson, I’d just ask the doctor if the new med could possibly be having this effect. Good luck to both of you. hugs, gerry

      • I did. She said it shouldn’t be a factor, and asked me to dose him on weekend once a day to keep it more consistently in his system so there is no shock on Mondays. I am going to try CBT, and today over cookies my son agreed on a Lego sword to be carried with him. He will build it tomorrow. Today he was much better. I do not know why!

      • So glad he’s doing better. What I always said when things were particularly difficult with and/or for my grandson was “And I wouldn’t BE him for anything.” Blessings to you both. hugs, gerry

  2. Oh boy, that’s a tough one. I’m sorry, I don’t have anything in the way of suggestions, apart from talk to someone who might asap.
    Hang in there!

  3. That’s great that you made the choice to keep them on a small amount of medicines. Who knows what those things do to developing brains. I applaud your strength. I hope things work out. I will be wishing really hard that they do!

  4. I am excited to see the nurse tomorrow, but I will feel even better about seeing the psychologist next week. That is where I get all my best info.

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