Swimming Lessons

My oldest son cannot take his swimming lessons any longer. It is too hard for him to deal with the cold, the sensation of splashing water, and the waiting for the instructor to get to him.
At first I felt really upset. Not with him, he cannot help it. Not with his instructors, they need to teach every child, not just him. I was thinking this was something else I had to pull him out of. Something else he could not do, and what does this portend?
I was overwhelmed. I was being ridiculous.
All that neurotypical culture doom and gloom stereotyping was getting to me.
Just because my son cannot participate in his swimming lessons does not mean he will never learn to swim. Plenty of children do not get through their lessons. He tried three times for me. Three times he has taken the same level. I did not bully him or pester him or nag him. He is such a good boy. He did not give up. I decided to let him try something else. He was still doing his best, and we are going to do his best in the summer instead, when cool water is a welcome sensation.
My son is fantastic. He will try again.
If I don’t let him try, he and I will never know what he is capable of. I am going to continue to treat him as capable. Disabled is a stupid word.


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