New School For Next Year

Today I filled out all the enrollment forms for the public charter in our district. Singapore math instead of Common Core. Enough said, right?
They talk a lot about mastery on their curriculum page and their mission statement.
I don’t want my special ed child to be ¨passed¨. What is easy for the district is not what is best for my son. I want him to learn. He wants to learn. I hope the new school has a environment that can support him in that. If they are sincere about mastery as their goal, then I have a lot more hope.
I have technology classes, swimming, socialization, skills therapy, psychology sessions, occupational therapy, and my youngest boy is going to have a speech assessment. He needs speech therapy, it’s obvious, because he cannot make an ‘s’ sound. That’s seven activities, sometimes spread out over two weeks. Youngest Boy also wants soccer. Eight. Plus a home visit once a month with the caseworker, and a pending application for equine therapy. Today I coordinated my calendar and made all appointments.
No wonder I am not organized. No wonder I cannot figure out how to attend college. Maybe I ought to take it easier on myself.



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2 responses to “New School For Next Year

  1. I hope that the new school turns out to be good for your Son. We need an educational system that respects and responds to the needs of the children and their parents.

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