So Many Changes, When We Come Back From The Psychologist

My oldest son has willingly started EMDR. Thank God. My youngest has refused to try it for eighteen months, though I have been doing it to him for over a year without his awareness, through tapping.
There is a new machine out, that emits vibrations into devices held in each hand that is better at EMDR than the old light techniques. It can be done without exposure therapy. I could do that. I failed at exposure.
I can buy this machine. The doctor wants me to buy it, she will train me on it, and she wants me to use it for the boys at home.

She wants them to change schools, to a charter school. So tempting. I might be able to keep my oldest mainstreamed on this curriculum, which is far more sensory. My youngest son would not cry about having to sit and do work any longer, were he to switch. Most of the work actually manifests as an art project at the charter school. I have to find out about transportation, or lose a lot of time at work. I am a product of US public schools, so I am worried that they won’t learn properly- but the Common Core math he is bringing home right now is ridiculous.

I have to reschedule the skills therapist for another day each week, because we lose two days a month with him by attending the social group for my oldest son.

Middle son told me in the car after his psychology session that if I had married someone else, then I could have been married forever and things would not have had to ¨get all crazy, and move and stuff¨. I told him that if his dad had not gotten sick, it would have been different.

I am really lucky to be able to buy my kids the things they need. I got a fabric tunnel for OT, and next are Fuf chairs (OT, pressure) and magnet toys (fine motor, focus). Having a large living room really helps my kids. Living on the bottom floor is a huge relief. I don’t care what my father says about keeping the living room sterile and quiet for reading. I want to live in it. I love my kids. I don’t want them to be sent to their rooms for play. We can play together.

The last thing the doctor wanted them to do is give up a little control. She wants the boys to be able to take orders from her, me, each other, easily. I want them to play waitstaff. That is the easiest way to directly give orders and still make it a game. That and Simon Says, but waitstaff roleplaying involves dessert..


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2 responses to “So Many Changes, When We Come Back From The Psychologist

  1. “but waitstaff roleplaying involves dessert..”
    When I come back for my next life, will you be my mom? 😉

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